Stealing the Pastor's Daughter

I love Edwina’s work this didn’t disappoint and I’m on pins and needles waiting for part 2.

              Teneika – Amazon Reviewer


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Stealing the Pastor's Daughter by Edwina Fort

She's had a major crush on him for years. But she wasn't unique, there wasn't a woman in the 5th Ward that didn't fancy themselves in love with Gator LaRue, the Creole Prince...

She knew that nothing would ever come of her crush though, a street legend like him would never notice the daughter of a pastor.

But then something happened. She glanced his way at a carnival and found his green gaze devouring her, and was lost...

But there were a few problems...

1. Her father hates him. He stands up in his pulpit and preaches that Gator LaRue is one of the demons from the pit of hell. He's made the Creole Prince famous, but not in a good way.

2. Everyone knows the pastor has built an ivory tower around his precious daughter. She's destined to marry the mayor's son, and her father is going to make sure nothing gets in the way of that, especially a green-eyed thug that's a thorn to his side.

But Mackenzie wants out of her ivory tower, having The Creole Prince's attention is a flame that she can't resist. She wants to touch, if only for one night...

Stealing the Pastor’s Daughter 2 by Edwina Fort

Continue the story in Part 2.

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