Our Mission

  • To do all we can to shatter negative stereotypes that bind and confuse young minds…
  • To give a voice to those most ignored…
  • To give hope to the hopeless, and be the light in the midst of extreme darkness…

We at Griot’s Garden Publications

understand that we have emerged amid trying times. There is an unsteady pulse vibrating within the cords that connect all of humanity. With each passing day it feels as if those cords are being strained to the point of being severed. There is so much tension among us.

We at GGP feel it’s our duty to be a corner of peace. A place where one can come and just…breathe. Within the pages of our books one will find happiness, hope, inspiration, and love.

Now more than ever the world needs love…

We understand it’s said that negativity sells better and is sold as what’s trendy. But we believe as a small family ran publishing house and the underdogs of the industry, we can offer a voice to the voiceless, and are the best choice for the independent author, who didn’t pick up their pen to make money, as much as to change the world…

The Latest from Griot’s Garden

The Untamable by NuriYah

Meet Aaliyah Daniels. A vigilante, feminist who is known around her hood as “The Untamable” . After a tragic moment in her life, her claims is to never allow any man to get close to her. She’s fearless with a cold heart toward the entire male species with the exception of her son. She spends her free time protecting women from predators with the help of her inner being known as her Savage but what happens when she comes across a man who challenges her savage and claims her as his own? Will she fall victim to his charms or will she deny the pull she feels every time he’s near?

Meet Ezekiel King a.k.a Zeke… a spiritual man who has set his sights on Aaliyah and at first glance decided he wanted her for himself. He’s made aware of her reputation and decided to do what no man has been able to do .. Tame The Untamable. He’s sure that she’s his gift from the Highest and he will stop at nothing to claim her. Will he succeed in taming The Untamable or will he become another victim to the savage that resides inside of her?

Welcome to the world of Aaliyah and Zeke. Strap on your seatbelts and enjoy the ride.

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