The Untamable by NuriYah

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It's In Her Blood by Jessica Sandhu

Living in a futuristic, super-technologically advanced world of 2049, twenty-seven-year-old Keyira Lucas is a prisoner in her own home. Having never set foot outside of her house, she must content herself with her multibillion-dollar home invention while observing the forbidden outside world from her window.

But after one night of stealing away to venture into the outside world long denied her, Keyira’s world is turned completely upside down. Losing her entire family in one night, she is kidnapped by a deadly, ruthless Liam Williams, General of the United States Army, who will stop at nothing to break Keyira and use her blood to create a new breed of super soldiers.

But then, General Eli Darro, who is far more powerful and ferocious than the best of General Williams’s Nanogeneric Extracts soldiers, charges his way into Keyira’s life. Determined to keep the promise he made to her father, Major Maccabi, Eli would risk his very life to save her. But is his dedication to saving her simply a desire to keep a promise, or is it for a deeper and more intimate reason?

However, will Keyira entrust her life to this cold, battle-hardened, superman of a general, who could turn out to be even more dangerous than her vicious captors?

Find out by taking a thrilling ride into this sci-fi adventure.

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